We especially provide energy audit and energy saving solutions to our clients and with two financial plans for energy saving project:-

Mode 1:            Turnkey Project

            – client pays 100% for the project and gain 100% saving profit from project.

Mode 2:            Financial Project

– client does not pay for the project and share the saving profit from project.

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    ::.. Process Automation – Production Lines and Robotic Equipment, etc.
    ::.. Factory Automation – Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) and Facilities Monitor &  
          Control System (FMCS), etc.

    ::.. Building Automation – Intelligent Door Access and Barrier Gate, Public Address  System, 
         CCTV and Security System, etc.

   ::.. Electrical Design and Installation.
Energy Conservation and Energy Saving Solutions.
Power Quality Solutions for Hi-tech Industries with Analysis and Improvement.
   ::.. UPS, CPS & DCS application.
   ::.. Engineering Solutions and project Management.

   ::.. HV/LV Loaded Live-Test and Inspection with “Live-Loaded Non-intrusive Predictive 
         Maintenance” Patent technology.

   ::.. HV/LV
Live Inspection with Infrared Thermograph technology.
Partial Discharge Measurement (PDM) on HV/MV electric power system.
   ::.. Electrical test / measurement for electrical project or operation.

   ::.. Investigation and analysis of electrical incident – FMEA & TPS (8D).

   ::.. Energy Management Audit and improvement solution.
   ::.. Design and installation of I&C System.
   ::.. Security & Safety Control and Audit.
   ::.. Project Management.



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